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A teacher and performer with over 60 years of drumming experience

Performer, Composer, Teacher, Author

George Marsh playing the drums

George has performed and recorded with musicians such as: Denny Zeitlin, The David Grisman Quintet/Sextet, Jerry Garcia, John Abercrombie, Mose Allison, Joe Henderson, Harold Land, Terry Riley, William Allaudin Mathieu, Pauline Oliveros, Kronos Quartet, Mel Martin & many others. Listen to George's playing on CD tracks by clicking here.

His compositions include pieces with Denny Zeitlin, David Grisman, Mel Martin, John Abercrombie, Noam Lemish, Mel Graves, Allaudin Mathieu, Pauline Oliveros, and Loading Zone.

He is currently teaching drum set and rhythm theory at Sonoma State University, UC Santa Cruz, and at his home studio in Santa Rosa, CA.

George's  book, Inner Drumming, has received world wide praise for its unique approach to the drum set. The 174 page book features carefully designed exercises that greatly enhance the internal process of drum set performance.

As author Jim Chapin said "you are learning to 'dance on the drums.'"


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New Releases

CD Cover Art for Telepathy
Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh

On Telepathy, these long-established veterans from the 60s act like young upstarts showing the jazz world a fresh new approach.

Hadron Collider
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Live at Fat Tuesday's cover.jpg
The David Grisman Quartet with Svend Asmussen

This collection of live performances was recorded during a six-night stint at Fat Tuesdays, then Manhattan’s premiere jazz spot, in 1986 when Svend toured with the David Grisman Quartet.

Swing Mineur
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