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Inner Drumming


​This book is an instruction manual that offers ways to enhance internal awareness while playing with one, two, three and finally all four limbs. The method allows the drummer to de-condition pathways of inappropriate reflexive responses that often appear when body energy is not flowing most efficiently."

"When you play the drums you are already experiencing Inner Drumming, if not consciously, then subconsciously. The easiest way to experience this is to play a simple rhythm with two hands. Playing hand to hand is basic to all drumming and all drummers do it naturally. As you play hand to hand, slow the motions way down while feeling deeply what’s going on inside your body, what’s happening between the strokes. In deep slow-motion, be internally aware of your movement from limb to limb. This increased awareness is what I call Inner Drumming. 

Inner Drumming Book Cover
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"It’s a rare thing amongst drummers today to consider HOW we move as being important. I’ve known George since 1973 and have been a huge fan of his work and approach. He’s always had a “loose,” relaxed feel and his book explains to us why. This is a very deep study of movement — paths of energy from one limb to the other and how to make that work for you. Thank you!”

David Girabaldi

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