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A selection of CDs and Vinyl recordings by George Marsh.

New Releases
Cover Art for Telepathy CD
Telepathy - Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh

RELEASED JUN. 25, 2021

Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh have such a long history together but still manage to keep their partnership fresh because of their fearless experimental bent. On Telepathy, these long-established veterans from the 60s act like young upstarts showing the jazz world a fresh new approach.

Black Hole
00:00 / 03:36
Cover art for Live at Fat Tuesday's
Live at Fat Tuesday's - The David Grisman Quartet with Svend Asmussen

RELEASED JUN. 25, 2021

This collection of live performances was recorded during a six-night stint at Fat Tuesdays, then Manhattan’s premiere jazz spot, in 1986 when Svend toured with the David Grisman Quartet, which then featured Jim Kerwin (bass), George Marsh (drums and percussion) and Dimitri Vandellos (guitars).


“Svend passed away in 2017, just three weeks shy of his 101st birthday. To celebrate our friendship, here are some musical memories from a great week of music at Fat Tuesdays nearly 35 years ago.”

Swing Mineur
00:00 / 07:47
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